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Meaningful Mentoring

Individualised outcomes-based mentoring, for NDIS participants, supports and service providers

  • Guide for Participants:

    • Self-Management and Capacity Building: Mentoring to develop the skills associated with effective self-management and capacity-building; 

    • Goal Success: Coaching to successfully achieve NDIS goals;

    • Community Connection and Relationships: Support to engage in purposeful community activities and develop the skills required to build positive relationships.


* Is tailored to the needs of the individual (as informed by an initial skill assessment and goal-based plan); 

* Designed to support individuals who have fallen through the gaps between services. 

  • Guide for Supports and Service Providers:

    • Guidance in implementing strategies to assist participants to develop their capacity and achieve better outcomes;

    • Assistance to effectively implement client-centred support plans:

      • From providing tangible advice in implementing strategies, to deciphering lingo and problem solving, we can assist you to better help those you are supporting.



Live Learning - Together 

Group capacity-enhancing training programs


  • Thrive for Participants:

    • Skill-specific group-based training programs, 

      • Example programs: Planning, Self-Organisation, Problem Solving, Community Access and Independent living skills. 

* Enquire regarding current Thrive programs.

All programs are subject to availability. Thrive programs for limited time only. 

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