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All programs are subject to availability. Thrive programs for limited time only. 




Tailored individual and group outcomes-based mentoring. 

  • Guide:

    • Tailored to the needs of the individual (as informed by an initial skill assessment and goal-based plan); 

    • Developing the skills associated with effective self-management; 

    • Designed to support individuals who have fallen through the gaps between services. 


To be eligible to participate in this program, applicants need to be willing to partake in initial and ongoing assessment to ensure program integrity.




Innovative community program helping individuals to write ‘their’ story and connect with others.


  • Scribe:

    • Is a group-based program running over a period of 10 weeks in which participants learn and are assisted to, write the story of their experiences;

    • Is designed to give participating individuals a voice;

    • Promotes new social connections;

    • Helps individuals to expand their comfort-zone in a safe environment; 

    • Gives participants the opportunity to publish their work upon completion of course and become an author. 


To be eligible to participate in this program, applicants need demonstrate a willingness and ability to engage for the duration of the program and have a genuine desire to share their story.   



Specific capacity-enhancing training programs.


  • Thrive:

    • A range of group-based training programs; 

    • Experience-based;

    • Programs are skill-specific, 

      • Example programs: Planning, Self-Organisation, Problem Solving, Community Access and Independent living skills. 



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